Category: Movies

Who doesn’t like a good movie night?


Home-Pop Movie

This one is for those lazy bums that still think a simple movie is ok. Make plans to meet up at someones house and make popcorn the old school way with a big pan,...


Movies in the Park

Springville has this down pat for the summer. Setup a projector in a park with a sheet and watch a movie on the grass. Now seeing as this is not a city sponsored activity...


A Haunted Night Out

Although seasonal there will be lots of touching and hugging going on. This night will start out with a haunted house to give her an excuse to hold your hand or you hers and...


Saturday Morning Cereal & Cartoons

Meet up early in the morning in your PJs and go to the store to get your favorite cereals and milk and head back to the apartment. Pull out the old cartoons and pour...


Build a Fort!

This can be super fun. Build the best blanket fort ever and then make sure the door faces the TV or bring the TV inside and watch a movie. Popcorn can be added for...