Category: Groups

Group dating can be fun and for the most part stress free.


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos? Hell yeah! This is a great cheap group date. You don’t have to have the tables as shown below but all you need is some skateboards and laundry baskets, both of which...


Guess That Song

This would be best played as a group on teams or against your partner. Guess that song is rather simple. Have a third party pick out a hand full of good classic songs or...


On The Spot

If you don’t know what On the Spot is here is an example. One pair will have to be host but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. This is a great...


Ice Blocking

This can be done as a one on one date but I guarantee it won’t be as fun. Get your blocks of ice and be sure to bring towels and not rags. If you...


Gaming in the Park

This like ice blocking can be done either individually or as a one on one. Get a projector and set it up in the park just like the movie in the park idea above...