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Classic dating ideas for the perfect someone.


Sledding and Hot Chocolate

We live in Utah. People from all over the world come here to play in our snow. That being said why not the natives as well. There are so many places to go sledding...



For the love of God please, please don’t over complicate this. This is so simple and is a fantastic, short, easy get to know date. Let me help you understand how it works in...


Feeding Ducks

This is another fairly simple activity, all you need is some bread and some time. This is great because it give you a talking point and is laid back. One thing I would suggest...



This is great, but requires that you monitor quite a few things. These “things” mainly being time, money, and food. This in particular is a longer date and I personally would shoot for two...


Ice Skating

Classic. Gives you a great reason to hold hands [winky face]. Would recommend following up with hot chocolate. Although be careful not to spend too much time skating, often you can lose track of...


Corn Maze and Hayride

I put these two together because you can normally find them in the same place. The corn maze gives you a great walk to get to know someone and if all goes well the...